Dr. Katherine Crits-Christoph

Student Counseling - Stress and Relationships - Anxiety and Depression - Eating Disorders -Infertility and Aging

Appointment information, locations, fees, and contact

Appointment times are flexible but offered by appointment only. All interactions with Dr. Crits-Christoph are confidential including initial contacts. Confidentiality is assured and would only be breached if there is an imminent danger to oneself (suicidal) or to another person (homicidal or child abuse).

Available office locations are in West Chester and West Philadelphia - please call or email for addresses and time availability

Dr. Crits-Christoph offers office hours by appointment only.

West Chester Area Office:

Philadelphia Office:

West Chester PA area office is located in East Goshen Township within 5 minutes from routes 352 and 3.
Philadelphia Office: 3535 Market Street Rm 651 6th floor.

Most consultations, including the initial counseling evaluation, are 1 hour and charged at $185.00. Counseling sessions are typically 45-50 minutes and are charged at $150.00. Marital evaluations and counseling are longer ranging from 75 minutes to 90 minutes and are prorated using hourly rate. Fees may be eligible for reimbursement as provided by your health insurance coverage. For clients with limited financial resources, it may be possible to negotiate a reduced fee for services once treatment has been decided on.

Please contact: DrKath@advancedcounselingandtreatment.com

Treatment fees may be eligible for reimbursement by your health insurance policy, depending on coverage.