Dr. Katherine Crits-Christoph

Student Counseling - Stress and Relationships - Anxiety and Depression - Eating Disorders -Infertility and Aging

Dr. Kathy Crits-Christoph has been a licensed clinical psychologist offering individualized treatment and counseling to her patients for the past 25 years.

Why "Advanced Counseling and Treatment?"

I like the word counseling rather than psychotherapy because counseling better conveys the importance of my collaboration with clients. It is this collaboration or partnership which is the essence of healing in any psychological treatment. Unlike going to a surgeon, no matter how expert the psychologist, without the alliance and trust of his client, there is no growth or positive change.

While there are many different approaches to psychotherapy from a theoretical point of view, theories and techniques do not help heal people. I work from an individualized point of view firmly believing that "no one therapy fits all."

I have found both through my clinical work and psychotherapy research experiences that it is vital to be open to what kinds of different techniques (insight oriented, cognitive, or educational) work for different people facing different concerns and challenges. Helping people grow though their challenges and emotional struggles requires thinking of the person in a holistic way. Biology and spirit are not separate, but intertwined, creating our human uniqueness. No new knowledge should be ignored when we move forward toward wellness and no one moves forward without being informed by their past choices and relationships. Counseling is about taking this journey with the guidance of someone who can help you learn about yourself and your choices in a non judgmental and safe environment.

~Dr. Katherine Crits-Christoph